Property buyers and sellers go through a long journey from beginning to end, so sales and marketing tactics that work in other industries fall short in real estate. You may end up talking to a prospect for months or years before they reach the end of the funnel. Social media channels give you powerful opportunities to create community and influence among your target audience.

Shift Your Mindset

Social media channels work well for generating leads and getting real estate sales, but you can’t accomplish this by making each update an advertisement. The first step in this process is shifting your mindset from thinking social media is a simple sales platform. It’s all about community, and you won’t get far without following this mindset.

Providing Value

Social media marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk explained the ideal social media strategy as “jab, jab, jab, right hook.” The jabs represented relationship-building efforts through providing value to your audience. Each jab weakens sales objections and sets up the customer to choose you as their real estate agent when it is time to buy or sell a property.

One way to promote value is by entertaining and educating prospective leads. You can teach them basic real estate concepts, share pop culture references to home buying and selling, offer useful guides to the process and provide other handy resources.

Embracing Authenticity

Social media channels promote more casual interaction between customers and businesses. While you want to present yourself as a highly professional real estate agent at all times, that doesn’t mean that you can’t show some personality at the same time.

Embrace authenticity and show a relatable side to potential clients. You can talk about the trials and tribulations of being a real estate agent, funny stories from your career, your interests and hobbies and other ways to connect with your followers. If you need inspiration, take some cues from other successful real estate social media profiles.

Becoming an Authority Figure

You want to position yourself as the go-to source for your audience’s real estate questions. Be willing to share your knowledge freely so you consistently create value for your community. Your influence grows when you go above and beyond your competitors.

After all, a real estate purchase is a major investment. For some people, it’s the single most expensive thing they’ll ever buy. They’re not going to trust a random real estate agent that pops up near the end of their buyer journey. Instead, they turn to the people who have helped them from beginning to end. When you have the right strategy, you’re the one who ends up in that position.

How to Take Action Today

You can get started with this social media strategy by working on helpful content and looking for ways that you can add value for your followers.

However, scaling up these efforts may be difficult on your own. Automating parts of your workflow is an important part of accomplishing this, but you have to balance social media automation with maintaining authentic content. You can’t flip a switch and walk away from your social media accounts because it’s easy to come off as spammy.

Social media management services are another way to better use your available resources. You can focus on your real estate agent duties while an experienced professional help you build up your community.

It’s time to treat your social media channel a powerful community.

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Photo by Masha Danilova on Unsplash