Social media is ubiquitous: people are checking in at work when they’re supposed to be answering emails, scrolling through their feeds while they wait for their take-out food and spending weekends building an Instagram story. And it’s not just individuals who have bought into social platforms. Brands as big as Target and Nike have invested millions in their social media strategy.

What do the most successful real estate businesses on social have in common? They exhibit consistency, in addition to a strong point of view. Here’s how you can leverage consistency on social media to build stronger connections with your customers.

What Does It Mean to Be Consistent on Social?

Consistency on social media applies to many aspects of your communication and design. It means sticking to the same tone and voice, posting in a reliable manner and having a design aesthetic across the board. Overall, being consistent means that your social media audience knows what to expect from your page and will reliably find value in your content.

If your personality with clients is funny and irreverent, your social media voice should be humorous and cheeky. If your goals are to be strictly informative and serious, your content should always seek to meet this end. When someone leaves your page, they should feel like they found good information about real estate in the voice they’ve come to expect.

In short: whatever draws visitors to your page in the first place should continue to show up in all of your posts and interactions.

How Can Your Business Be Consistent Online?

It’s easy to say you’re going to be consistent — executing on that goal is another matter. Remaining consistent on your page is especially challenging if you have multiple people managing the same account. It can also be hard to juggle your real estate business, close sales, and be consistent online. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to help ensure a consistent experience for your social media followers:

  • Create a style guide for each social media platform. Your guide should outline appropriate language and tone, types of posts permissible (quizzes, facts, photos, etc.) and the right way to respond to comments.
  • Match the color story and visual branding on your pages to your business’s website and other literature.
  • Post on a reliable schedule, paying special attention to the pacing. Users don’t want to get five posts back to back from the same business — if you post too many listings in a row, it may backfire. Create a schedule that spreads out your posts throughout the day and stick to it. If you participate in trends like Throwback Thursday (#TBT), be consistent about it.
  • Check in on your page daily. Scheduling automated posts is not enough. Someone should be replying to comments within a few hours. Consistent engagement builds relationships, and users have come to expect prompt responses on social media.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Consistency?

The most obvious benefit of consistency on social media is that users know what to expect from your real estate business. And, they get value and insight from you; this keeps you top of mind.

When you aim to remain consistent, you avoid sending out conflicting messages that confuse followers. Being reliable also helps you stand out from your competitors. When your messaging is regular, consistent and has a point of view — your value propositions and personality will naturally carve out a niche in the real estate market. Finally, being consistent on social media and across marketing efforts supports your other marketing campaigns, such as billboard signs and emails.

When you’re building a community on social media, consistency is the key ingredient to success! Create a plan for regular posts using the same voice and theme, and soon you’ll start to build your reputation as a thought leader and a go-to person for help in your local real estate market.