Digital natives, or people who grew up with digital services and internet access, these customers know how to browse listings, research homes and shop for properties online. This makes them more informed and agile than any previous group of customers.

Don’t worry, though. The hype isn’t totally accurate. Real estate agents haven’t become obsolete. These digital native customers still need your wisdom, but the way in which they require it has changed. Here’s everything you need to know about connecting with digital natives in the modern world of real estate.

5 Ways to Reach Digital Natives

Today’s digital native customers have the basic knowledge, but they need your wisdom to bring it full-circle. Here are five tips to make that work:

1. Talk to Customers on Their Level

In a recent survey, 48 percent of customers reported they are more likely to work with brands that are responsive and active on social media.

With this in mind, be sure you’re leveraging your social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to provide updates, new listings, and information. The more you turn these tools into resources for your customers, the more likely they are to respond positively.

2. Define Your Target Audience

The digital world makes it harder to attract the customers you want.

After all, when people aren’t seeking out your office specifically, the process of getting new business can feel a bit like shooting fish in a lake.

Be sure you’re defining your target audience and keeping that marketing persona in mind as you build your website and work on digital marketing processes.

If you’ve never built a marketing persona before, you’ll be happy to know it’s easier than it sounds. All you have to do is research your client base and construct an “ideal customer” that represents it.

3. Understand What They Already Know

The web has turned anyone seeking real estate into a mini real estate expert. Your job, then, is to come in and complement what they already know. Do this by providing additional information on listings, offering “next steps” content, and supplementing what they’ve found on their own with things that only you can offer.

4. Keep It High-Quality

Digital natives have more options than ever before, and they only want the best. Make sure the content you’re posting on your social media platforms and other channels is high-quality and relevant, and that it pertains directly to your audience.

5. Consider Automation

Today’s digital native customers expect immediate attention when they have a customer service inquiry or demand. Due to this expectation, it’s smart to consider introducing automation to your practice. Automated platforms are becoming more popular, and they can take a real load off your shoulders.

Automation doesn’t mean you’re doomed to cold mechanical interactions with your customers. Instead, automation means creating a system to handle the simple, repeatable tasks. The goal of automation is to make it possible to spend more time building *relationships* on your social platform and less time *managing* the social media.

Making Your Real Estate Business Thrive in the Modern World

While figuring out how to cater to digital native customers can be difficult, the above tips are a great way to not only attract these tech-savvy shoppers but also cater to them in a way they can relate to and respect.

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